Saturday, July 23, 2005

RNLB Royal Shipwright


A demonstration by RNLI lifeguards ended in a real-life beach rescue.

Members of the St Agnes RNLI lifeboat crew abandoned a presentation about safety and rescue techniques when they received an emergency call.

Within two minutes, their new rescue boat was fighting through heavy surf following a report that a man had become stranded in the sea at Portreath.

A helicopter from RNAS Culdrose was also on stand-by but the man managed to reach the safety of the beach without injury.

Before the drama unfolded, the crew from Blue Peter IV had been at Trevaunance Cove in St Agnes, thanking members of the Cornwall branch of the Auto Cycle Union who raised £500 for the RNLI.

Operations manager at St Agnes lifeboat station Nick Marsh presented club president John Bassett with a framed certificate as thanks for the club's work.

Earlier this year the club donated £500 to the St Agnes branch of the RNLI during the annual car trial at Blue Hills.

And a commemorative bench was placed at the top of the infamous cliff top hill.

Club spokesman Rose Disney said: "The motorcycle club was really honoured to have been treated to a display. It was a dramatic day in the end," said club spokesman Rose Disney.

"We have always supported the RNLI because they save so many lives - they even saved mine once.

Mrs Disney said she once became stuck at the bottom of a cliff, and praised the RNLI crew which rescued her.

"They were out there so quickly. It is nice to know they are always on hand if you get into trouble."

Lifeboat operations manager Nick Marsh said: "It costs approximately £30,000 a year to run the lifeboat so we are always grateful for donations such as this.

The Blue Peter IV came to St Agnes in February following a naming ceremony by Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq at the International Boat Show, London.

She is the fifth boat St Agnes has received from the children's television programme and has been greatly modified from the previous one.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Kerrier councillors have given their support to a proposal by the Ministry of Defence to clean up two more of the dumpsites at the former chemical defence establishment at Nancekuke.

The council supported the remediation of the first of RAF Portreath's five dumps sites - dump C - in December 2004.

The MOD now wants permission to investigate dumps A and B, which are located in the north-east quadrant of the air station.

Dump A is a disused quarry of about 2,000 square metres, and between 10-15m deep. It is believed it contains building materials, and technical and domestic waste.

Dump B is valley in-fill of about 7,200 square metres, between 4-5m deep.

In its application, the MOD said: "The principal purposes of the proposals are to prevent possible pollution from the dumps, to improve the environmental quality of RAF Portreath, and to prevent potential future hazards to the environment and human health due to the presence of material within the dumps."

Under the proposals, the dumps would be examined using a system designed to prevent the release of chemicals or dust into the atmosphere.

Any hazardous waste would be transferred to Porton Down for disposal.

In his report to members of Kerrier Council's planning committee, head of service Jon Pender said he had no objections to the proposal, "subject to its implementation in accordance with the details in the supporting environmental statement".

He said: "The remediation of this and other dumps clearly must be carried out. The only question before you is whether the proposed way of doing so to Dumps A and B are acceptable.

"There is no absolute knowledge of the materials to be excavated from there, but the element of uncertainty is considered to be small, and the scheme includes measures to address a range of eventualities."

Tommy Bray said he was against the clean up.

He said: "It's been left for 60 years, and suddenly we're going to dig it up. We don't know what we're going to find. Let's let sleeping dogs lie."

Councillors voted to support the proposal, which will now go before the county council's planning committee for a final decision.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dispersal Order

Police officers posted notices throughout Portreath informing of the imposition of a Dispersal Order that takes effect on the 17th of July. This action comes about following a well attended Open Session prior to the recent Council Meeting , when members of the Public reported on various acts of anti-social behaviour within the Village, Councillors unanimously resolved to approve the setting in motion of action to introduce a Dispersal Order in respect of parts of Portreath Village. This Order would enable the Police Officer to disperse groups where there is felt that the presence of groups has resulted or is likely to result in a member of the Public being harassed, intimidated, alarmed or distressed. Individuals could be directed to leave the locality and may be excluded from the area for up to 24 hours. The Police Officer would also have the discretionary power, within the designated area, to return young people under 16 years of age, who are out on the streets and not under the control of an adult, to their home. A refusal to follow an Officer's direction to disperse is a summary offence and the penalty for conviction for such an offence is a fine or a maximum, for adults, of three months' imprisonment

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Police were this week hunting a boy as young as 12 after thieves grabbed money from a bus driver as she dropped them off at Portreath.

Officers said the youngster was part of a three-strong gang who escaped with change amounting to around £19 after the Truronian bus had ferried them to the seaside resort from Redruth railway station.

PC Dave Cracknell, the Camborne police officer heading the inquiry, said the bus driver was unhurt after a "tug-of-war" with the bags of cash.

But he raised concerns over the young age of one of the thieves, a ginger-haired boy of around 12 who was accompanied by two others aged in their late-teens or early-20s.

PC Cracknell said: "I am concerned that such a youngster is involved in a crime like this and that it was carried out when the holiday season in Portreath is getting into swing.

"It upsets me that you get silly incidents like this one which can have a detrimental effect on the image of Portreath. People work very hard in that community and this is not the sort of thing we want to see happening."

The trio struck last Wednesday lunchtime after travelling on the bus from the railway station to Portreath. They were dropped off near the village bakery.

As they walked off the bus, they grabbed several bags of money from a tray in the driver's compartment. Eyewitnesses reported them fleeing in the direction of Lighthouse Hill.

PC Cracknell said: "The driver said they had local accents but she does not recognise them as having travelled on the bus before. I have a feeling that they are living somewhere in the Portreath area. We are keen to hear from witnesses and anyone who can help in this inquiry."

The younger boy was said to be white and around 5ft tall. He was wearing a black top and blue, baggy jeans.

Both his accomplices were also white with tanned complexions and 5ft 10ins tall. One, who was bare-chested, wore blue jeans and was described as muscular and stocky. The second man was wearing a blue top with white writing on it.

Anyone with information on the theft or identity of the thieves is asked to contact PC Cracknell at Camborne police station on 08452 777444.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

July-September Quarterly

Portreath Harbour Fun Day will be held on Sunday 21st August this year. It is a family orientated event with plenty of fun and games for all ages. Please come with friends and relatives and support this village event which will benefit local groups and organisations.
Peta Redmore (Chair)

Stall Holders
Anyone interested in having a stall on Harbour Fun Day, please contact me by phone, or leave a note in the Post Office by 24th July. You will need to supply own table.
Cost £5.00 normal sized table
£10.00 larger table
£15.00 very large table

Raft Race
Teams wishing to enter, please phone me with name of team and number of team members – maximum of 5.

Thank you

Di Helyer (Secretary) 01209 842492


Portreath Harbour Fun Day

12 noon Official Opening (name to follow – possibly Julia Goldsworthy)

12.15 Fancy Dress Competition : Theme is Nursery Rymes
Age Groups Under 5
5 – 9
10 – 11
12 – 14
14 +

12.30 * Welly Throwing

* Tribal Drums

1.0 Morris Men Dancing and / or Cornish Cloggers

1.30 Rebecca Whittaker singing

2.0 "Saqqara" – Portreath Belly Dancers

2.30 Tai Kwondo – on grass by Marquee
Run by John Lamb – classes on Wednesday and Sunday.
Interested ? Ring John on 01209 213558

3.0 "Stars in Your Eyes" – come and join in the fun.
Are you the next budding pop star ?

4.30 Gunge Tank : Junior and Senior –
Voting forms in Post office July/August

5.0 Beach to Harbour Swim – enroll at the Surf Club

6.0 * Raft Race – please enter your raft at the Raffle Tent during
approx the day and place raft on the slipway

* Presentations and Raffle Draw

6.30 * Family Disco – come and boogie in the Marquee

* Boat Trips from the Harbourside

8.0 End of the Day – we thank you all very much for your support

Throughout the day – Raffle tickets, stalls, BBQ, childrens entertainment in the Marquee (craft tables run by Portreath Play School; visit by Jed the Puppet, and parachute games) Beer Tent, Tea Tent etc.


Portreath applies for a dispersal order
Today at the Parish Council meeting it was resolved by a unanimous vote of councillors to apply for a dispersal order. This has come about due to an increase in anti-social behaviour by a number of youngsters at various locations around the village. The main areas of concern are the beachfront car park, the harbour precinct, memorial gardens and Beach Road.

The Parish Council meeting was packed out with residents, organisation representatives and business owners all of one opinion that the anti-social behaviour has to stop and stop quickly. A well-supported petition was presented to the Council with the main points of complaint being, the congregation of youths in the previously mentioned areas, drinking, swearing, driving their cars in a dangerous manner, playing loud music, fighting and generally behaving in an intimidating way. There were a number of specific incidents mentioned, two of which were particularly dangerous. The first occurred on a busy Bank Holiday at 5:00 pm. A BMW drove through the village and down Beach Road by a driver above the alcohol limit, he lost control when he clipped a van parked outside the Beach Shop. Consequently the vehicle careered across the road into the entrance of the car park, destroying the gatepost and part of the wall and writing off the car. It was a miracle no one was walking on this usually busy path at the time. The second incident happened a few days later. Two vehicles full of youths were parked at the turning basin end of the Harbour, they then threw the Harbour Users Association hazardous waste material barrel into the harbour and used concrete blocks to split it open so releasing the waste into the harbour. They then released the mooring that is used for emergency landings. Malicious damage, that polluted the harbour for many days and put the emergency mooring out of use.
These are just two incidents of quite a long and rapidly growing list of anti-social behaviour that is becoming the "norm" in Portreath. Residents and businesses have had enough and voiced their protests extremely well to the full Parish Council.
Local Beat Manager PC Tim Roberts and Sargent Paul Marchent were present and assured the meeting that steps were being taken to increase the amount of patrols through the village in the early to late evening periods. PC Roberts is to progress the Dispersal Order as quickly as possible. If this order is obtained it will allow the police to move on any groups that are acting in an anti-social manor and prevent them from returning for up to 24 hours.


Great news, The Mineral Tramways Project has now secured the remaining £5.5million of funding to complete the largest heritage Project Cornwall has ever seen.
Half a million pounds was approved in November 2003 as Stage 1 to further develop Project proposals and costings. Stage 2 approval of £5.5 million, making an overall Project total of £6 million was granted by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Objective 1 and the South West Regional Development Agency on 16 March.
Project staff will now be appointed to complete the work on the ground, before the Project finally closes in December 2007.
The Project area covers, Camborne Redruth and Gwennap St Day which make up the Central Mining District of Cornwall, and will create 30.5km of new multi use trails which are predominantly off road, conserve and make safe 11 mining heritage sites, and carry out enhancement works in 13 villages. The following Project proposals will be carried out in your Parish.
Trail Creation works
The overriding aim of the Project is to create an accessible heritage experience, following as closely as possible the original mineral tramways and railways within the Project area, to connect important sites of Cornish mining, and mining villages with a network of multi use trails, although it has been necessary through Stage 1 of the Project to revise the route of some sections of the trail which were presented in the original funding applications. Earlier phases of the Project have created the Coast to Coast, Great Flat Lode, and Tresavean Trails. The new 30.5km multi use network consists of 4 new trails, two of which are within the parish of Portreath:-
Portreath Branchline Trail – running up the disused incline railway, using the original Portreath Branch Line to Alexander Road and Spa Lane on the outskirts of Illogan, onto Park Bottom, Tuckingmill finally connecting with the existing Great Flat Lode Trail at Brea village.
Tehidy Trail – running from the top of the disused Incline in Portreath to the Tehidy East Lodge car park on Cot Road, and west through the Park to Coombe.

Village Enhancement Works
The proposed Project enhancement works in the village will vastly improve its present appearance for both locals and visitors by forming a village square, narrowing the wide tarmac roads, and improving the appearance of the bleak car park and bus stop area. Thank you to all who took the time and trouble to fll in the questionnaire issued in the last Parish Tram. The Parish Council and the Minerals Tramway Team were pleased with the response.
The Project hopes to create more of a village square outside the shops and Portreath Arms, narrowing the wide sweeping expanse of tarmac, and creating smaller landscaped areas with improved paving and planting.
Beach Road will also be narrowed creating areas for new planting and a streamside pathway with parking retained. The Beach car park entrance will be altered and the car park itself will have new railings installed and disabled access improved. Other work is also proposed in the car park by the Portreath Improvements Committee.
Penberthy Road is already the subject of traffic improvement works, however there may be some scope for further Project input, particularly at the entrance to the Square. Gateway features are proposed at the entrances to the village from when approaching from Bridge, or down Tregea Hill.
Detailed layout plans will be displayed over the coming months.
For further Project information contact the Mineral Tramways Project team on (01872) 322646, or the Kerrier Community Regeneration Office on (01209) 614061.


A carer whose car was recently clamped as she popped into a cafe to get change for the beachside car park at Portreath this week warned other motorists to be on their guard.

Jean White, of Gwinear, near Hayle, claimed the clamper pounced within about six minutes of her parking her car and escorting the 84-year-old man she was looking after into the nearby cafe.

Trouble began after Mrs White, aged 48, picked up the elderly man from his home at Camborne and drove him to Portreath last week.

She said: "One of our policies is that you are not allowed to leave a client in the car. I took him into the cafe and was given the change straight away. The lady in the cafe said she would bring out the coffees I had ordered.

"She said, 'You'd better go back to your car because the clamper's there.' He was by the car and said he had tried three different clamps."

A boss at her company, Penhellis Community Care, of Penryn, paid the £70.50 fee to have the clamp released.

But Mrs White insisted she was in the car park for no more than six minutes and the patrolman for Truro-based Armtrac Security Services had failed to give her 10 minutes' grace to buy a ticket.

She said: "I've heard that a lot of people get clamped at this car park but Armtrac have got to be fair and give people a chance to get the change for a ticket."

A spokesman for the firm's appeal centre said it had decided to make a full refund as Mrs White was a carer and was looking after an elderly man at the time.

He added: "The patrolman was doing his job. We have looked into it and felt a little compassion wouldn't go amiss."

Incline Project

The Incline project continues to support and assist in securing funding for various village projects. In this issue of the Tram you will find a "Portreath information Pack" A leaflet full of contact numbers and web sites relevent to the village. We hope you will find it informative and useful. A big thanks to Malcome and Daphne for the work they put into it.

The Cares group, C.H.I.C, Belly Dancing and the C.O.G continue at a steady pace.
If any reader wishes advice or support or both, to start a community project please email or phone 01209 843873 or drop a line to the Parish Tram c/o Portreath Post Office.
Portreath AFC

Managers Reflections
( a look back at the season )

Well what a first season as manager of Portreath AFC I have had. When I was first approached to take charge of the team, I thought long and hard, what players would join the club and would we attract any sponsors etc. Little did I know what a roller coaster of a season it would be.

There have been lots of rumours about Portreath this season, from the paying of players, to me having a vehicle supplied - all are false.

The players play for Portreath because they enjoy it, I manage them because I want to, it's that simple.

I have had players from 7 clubs sign on for the New Portreath. I asked them to change the way they played and play a new system. They took it all on board, and in my opinion, have at times played some very exciting and adventurous football. The mixture and blend of players that I have had the pleasure to manage this season, has sometimes made my life easy, and sometimes made it difficult because of the pure talent and commitment of the players.

The club has had a very successful season, we have gained promotion to the top flight at the first attempt, breaking the all time record of goals scored in the Mining League with 164 scored and only 30 conceded.

We have won the Jubilee Cup against Storm in an action packed final.

We had a great run in the Arthur Pearce Cup beating three highly placed Div 1 teams on the way, only to be beaten by Gwinear in the semi-final.

We faced the Mining League Div 1 winners Gulval in the second round of the Junior Cup and in my opinion acquitted ourselves well.

If there is a downside to the season it is that Big Ross, ( as he is known within the club ), will not be with us next season due to work commitments, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all he has done for me personally and for the club, but I am sure that the foundations that he has helped to lay will last for many seasons to come.

I am looking forward to Div 1 football next season and all the challenges that it brings.

We will be training every Wednesday, starting Weds the 29th of June at RAF Portreath, meeting in the car park at 6 - 30pm, if any players out there think they might like to join this successful club ( don't worry we are a friendly bunch ), please come along to a training session or contact me direct by e-mail at or ring / text me on 07969 954911.

In closing I would like to say a big thank you to all our committee members who have worked so hard and believed in me and a big thanks to our sponsors who were so generous last season.


Portreath Parish Council Report

Appointment of Chairman

At a meeting held on 16th May Councillor C.J. Watts was unanimously appointed Chairman of the Council and Mrs. D. Butler was appointed Vice Chairman. Upon taking office Councillor Watts
thanked the outgoing Chairman, Councillor K Bowden, for the able manner in which the Council had been chaired during the past year

Regrading of Footpaths

Cornwall County Council have adopted an updated system for the grading of footpaths throughout the County. The most important and most used footpaths will now be graded as Gold footpaths, the less used as Silver and those rarely used will become Bronze paths. The Parish Council noted with pleasure that all the footpaths within this Parish would now become Gold Paths and would, therefore, be upgraded and would be maintained to a higher standard.

Portreath Harbour

The Chairman reported on a recent meeting with Heads of Service at Kerrier District Council regarding the future of the Harbour. Ways in which the future of the Harbour could be assured were discussed and the possibility of incorporating 2 lock gates, one on the outer Harbour so that this would always be full of water, and a second scheme to erect a curved wall between the end of the pier and Horse Rock. This would create a number of advantages as it would relieve the force of the water on the pier and would mean that the area could be used all year round.

Various other aspects of the use of the Harbour were discussed including the re-siting of the 'fishermans' hut , the possible sources of funding and the possible advantageous knock on effect for the Village of such improvements.

A Working Party is to be formed as part of the Council's Regeneration Steering Sub-Committee and funding is to be sought for the carrying out of a feasibility study into the various proposals.

Planning Applications

Various planning applications received consideration since the last publication including the proposed Remedial Works to be carried out at RAF Portreath. This work would be carried out over a fairly lengthy period and Members were assured that all possible safety precautions would be taken during the course of the work.

Beach Toilets

Due to various acts of vandalism to the Beach Toilets, the owners of the building, Kerrier District Council, issued a directive that the toilets be locked at 5:00 each evening in a effort to prevent further acts of destruction and instructions to this affect were issued to the person carrying out the daily locking of the toilets. Members of the Council were of the opinion that this very early locking time would cause problems for those visiting the Village and Beach during the evenings and following representations to Kerrier District Council it was agreed that from the end of June until early September the toilets could remain open until 8:30.. It is to be hoped that the few persons causing damage to the toilets will appreciate the difficulties caused to others as a result of indiscriminate vandalism.

Dispersal Order

Following a well attended Open Session prior to the recent Council Meeting , when members of the Public reported on various acts of anti-social behaviour within the Village, Councillors unanimously resolved to approve the setting in motion of action to introduce a Dispersal Order in respect of parts of Portreath Village. This Order would enable the Police Officer to disperse groups where there is felt that the presence of groups has resulted or is likely to result in a member of the Public being harassed, intimidated, alarmed or distressed. Individuals could be directed to leave the locality and may be excluded from the area for up to 24 hours. The Police Officer would also have the discretionary power, within the designated area, to return young people under 16 years of age, who are out on the streets and not under the control of an adult, to their home. A refusal to follow an Officer's direction to disperse is a summary offence and the penalty for conviction for such an offence is a fine or a maximum, for adults, of three months' imprisonment



After 14 years, Nigel and Melanie Tabb have served their last customers at their Portreath restaurant. The couple have sold the premises, which will now become a Chinese restaurant, and are moving to Truro.

"After so many years here, we wanted to take on a fresh challenge," said Nigel, who is one of Cornwall's top chefs.

"We will be really sorry to leave. We wouldn't be where we are now, without Portreath. It has been really good to us."

Their restaurant has been rated as one of the best in the county but Tabb's will be reborn in Truro later in the summer.

They have bought the Royal Standard pub in Kenwyn Street, which has been closed and boarded up for several months.

After a major refurbishment, it will reopen as Tabb's bar and restaurant in August.

Nigel said: "We will be doing similar sorts of meals to what we have been doing at Portreath but we will also be open for lunches."

Class 2 from the Portreath Primary School made an acrostic poem about the Seaside,
which they recently read out in assembly –

Sun, sand and sea
Everybody enjoying the fun
All children playing the sand
Surfers surfing into shore
Ice-creams melting in the sun
Dolphins diving in the sea
Every fisherman catching a big one



24 May 2005
A loud bang and a plume of smoke marked the places where explosives tore into a cliff-face on the 24th May, but the eruption was more of a damp squib, with very little rock crashing to earth. The National Trust owns the cliff above Portreath beach and after the winter cliff fall of many tonnes of rock onto the Western end of the beach leaving dangerous looking faults, it was decided to consult experts.

South Western Mining and Tunnelling was called in by the Trust and carried out a controlled explosion to stabilise a 20m section of cliff and remove 100 tonnes of rock, but the blast failed to dislodge the main dangerous crag, which was more stable than previously thought.

Bill Makin, the Trust's Assistant Property Manager for mid-Cornwall, said: "It is still a work in progress really because not a lot of stone came down at all."
"It is the first time we have had to take action here but there have been some quite big falls over the winter and we are moving in to the summer season and the risk to beach users is that much higher."

An exclusion zone was set-up around the blast area to maintain safety while the specialist team used 160g charges to blow out the crumbling rocks.

Subsequently at the 6th of June Parish Council meeting Mr Makin gave a talk on the present situation. He explained that after a fairly extensive survey it has been decided that no further action is to be taken as the survey shows there is a large buttress of rock underlying the visible cracks.

To advise and warn the public of the possibility of any further falls, the National Trust has prepared highly visible warning signs and have made arrangements with the Portreath Life Saving Club to have them prominently displayed every day throughout the holiday season.

Leanne's Eden Summer Ball

Saturday 9th July 2005


at the Eden Project, St Austell

Individual tickets £25.00

Guests will be taken down by land train to the biomes, eat a summer feast, and be entertained by the amazing 'Tequila' band, a 25 piece steel band.

There will also be a Summer Ball Auction, with Lots including:
A week in a luxury villa in Tenerife
A private plane to take you and 7 people off for a weekend
2 Hospitality tickets in a box at Old Trafford
A private helicopter to whisk you off to London for a shopping trip
A Conservatory
A Hot Air Balloon Ride
An 'off road' experience

and much more including meals, hotel breaks, oysters & bubbly, etc !!!

Tickets are available from :

Ottakers Bookshop, Truro 225765
The Body Shop, Truro 241562
Lush, Truro 20469
Next, Truro 0870 386 5497
Carbonara Restaurant, Truro 223008

Or by by emailing Leanne at

This Black Tie Benefit Summer Ball will be excellent value for money and at the same time will raise funds for a very special young lady of 24 who is fighting cancer. The tumour has meant Leanne has now had to have her left leg amputated above her knee and this means she is desperately trying to raise money for an extension to her home to give her a ground level bathroom and shower.

Many of you will have seen the articles in the West Briton, and if you want to find out more about Leanne, her web site is From this you will see that she is also holding a bandage appeal, is willing to go into schools to talk to children about her experience, and is willing to talk to anyone else who is needs advice about fundraising or a chat about a forthcoming operation or amputation.

My reason for advertising this particular event is because Leanne is such a fantastic person and having attended her event "A Girl's Night In" at the Alverton Manor in May, I can assure you that you will have a memorable, wonderful evening at Eden – she is certainly very good at giving amazing value for money ! She is never self pitying, just a caring, warm, lovely person, with a bubbly fun sense of humour, who is fighting cancer and pain with an indomitable spirit, which affects all of us who are lucky enough to know her.

If you can support her in any way, that would be fantastic.

Shena Watts


Beat Lines

Summer has finally arrived and I am sure that most of us will look forward to enjoying the sunshine and lighter warmer evenings that this time of the year brings (occasionally!). However I am equally as sure that no one will look forward to the poor behaviour that the good weather seems to bring out in some groups of people. Many residents and business people have already complained to me about incidents of drunkenness, harassment, intimidation and threats. Anti-social behaviour of this type is unpleasant to experience and has the ability to make responsible holidaymakers want to leave the area vowing not to return.

The Devon and Cornwall Constabulary are committed to stopping anti-social behaviour to improve the quality of life for all. I have recently submitted an application to seek authorisation for a dispersal order for the village covering the summer months only. There has been very strong support for the application within the local community resulting in a strong attendance by members of the public at the parish council meeting on 6th June. The council unanimously agreed that the order was necessary. In addition, I have been handed a petition signed by local people in favour of a dispersal order.

I would like to thank all those people that have taken the time to consider the issues and have been prepared to state their opinions. Without public support such an order would be more difficult to implement.

You may be wondering what a dispersal order is all about so I will briefly explain.

If authorised, an area (within Portreath) will be designated as the dispersal zone. Groups of 2 or more people who gather within the zone may be ordered by an officer to disperse or leave the zone for a specified time (up to 24hrs). They can only be given this order if they are suspected to be involved in or are likely to engage in behaviour that will cause alarm, harassment, intimidation or distress to others. For example if the beach were included within the zone and a group of people were causing trouble here this group could be ordered to leave the zone and not return for up to 24hours.

A dispersal order also empowers police officers and police community support officers to return any person aged under 16years to their home address if they are found within the zone after 9pm without responsible supervision.

The orders may only be authorised for a maximum of six months.

It is important to stress that the aim of a dispersal order is to prevent anti-social behaviour. It is not legislation that designed to specifically target young people and it will not be used against any group that is not involved in anti-social behaviour.

The parish council and I have discussed a designated public place order for Portreath – if this is applied for I'll explain about it in the next edition!

PC Tim Roberts


letter page

The Feadon Residents Group is in the midst of an application to Cornwall County Council to correct an anomaly on the definitive map. Although the footpath that Feadon residents use to access the amenities of the village appears on old maps, guides, aerial photos etc, and has been used daily for as long as residents here can remember, it is not shown on the latest definitive map. The path also appears on the 1973 planning application for the houses at Hillside, and it was a condition that there were to be no enclosures.
The Feadon Residents Group would like to hear from anyone else who has used this path (which runs parallel to the track known as "Glenfeadon Lane" but higher up the bank of the hill) for the past 20+ years
Contact Marj on tel: 843194


A charitable trust is one option being considered by Kerrier Council as it looks at ways of safeguarding the future of Portreath's historic harbour.

In recent years the Grade II listed structure has become a drain on council funds, with almost £20,000 spent on repairs to the pier last year, and more needed this year.

Graeme Hicks, Kerrier's portfolio holder for the environment, believes a long-term solution must be found.

He said: "Last year we allocated £18,000 and there'll be more this year. It's throwing money on the fire really, but we've got to do it, it's a Grade II Listed structure.

"There are a lot of options on the table. It's all very well selling these things off, but some company will come in, asset strip it, and then the district council will still be left responsible to take enforcement action when something goes wrong.

"Personally, I'm very keen on the charitable trust idea. I think a trust would be able to draw down grant funding.

"Clearly, we've got a duty to make sure public money isn't thrown into a bottomless pit, but we will not do anything without consulting local people - the fishermen, residents, the parish council, the improvements committee - that's a guarantee."

Chris Watts, chairman of the parish council, believes a charitable trust is an idea worth further investigation, but says the first step has to be a feasibility study.

He said: "The feasibility study would look at returning it back into a working harbour, with the aim of bringing in employment, more tourism and generally regenerating the local area and most importantly making the harbour self-maintaining, and even once again become a profitable business that will help Portreath, as opposed to cause for concern."

In the early nineteenth century Portreath harbour provided a gateway for the mining parishes of Gwennap, Illogan, Redruth and Camborne. It had its own tram road and railway, and was the base for such industries as fishing and shipbuilding. Today, the harbour survives largely thanks to its appeal as a tourism attraction.

The vision for the harbour includes investment in the overall structure, an extension to the breakwater to Horse Rock, the building of a dockside facility for storage tanks and bait freezers, two lock gate installations to enable deep water moorings, and the building of a 70-plus berth marina in the inner harbour.

He said: "We have an opportunity to turn around the fortunes of Portreath harbour, with financial funding from Government, Kerrier Council, Europe and Lottery grants, and with the support of residents, I and others believe it is possible."

Story by Julian Ridge


An appeal has gone out to women to take part in the ultimate driving event, the Marie Curie Ladies' Driving Challenge. The annual event on September 18 at RAF Portreath, Cornwall, involves driving some of the most unusual and challenging vehicles, from a double decker-bus to a fire engine and maybe a luxury salon or an off-road car.

To date more than 60 ladies have signed up, but there are still places available.

Lynne Juleff, who took part last year, said "The day was a wonderful experience, a day to be enjoyed by all. I can highly recommend driving the fire engine."

"The day raises vital funds to enable local families, who have a loved one with cancer to be cared for in their own home by Marie Curie Nurses."

"The outstanding work that Marie Curie Cancer Care provides is priceless. My mum experienced their dedicated care nearly five years ago and was able to die peacefully at home with family and friends close by."

"My family and I will always express our thanks to the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity. Ladies, this opportunity does not occur every day and I hope you fancy taking up this year's Ladies Driving Challenge."

"I will not be driving this year. I will be coordinating the day, as part as my new job role as a community fundraising coordinator for Marie Curie Cancer Care."

Entry for the event is £10 and everyone taking part is asked to raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship. Places are limited so early entry is recommended.

Call Lynne Juleff for an entry form on 01872 260500 or e-mail for an electronic entry form.

Over 50s Leisure Week
Activities for Older People

Monday 19th September – Sunday 25th September

As some residents of West Cornwall may be aware an extremely interesting and active week of leisure and recreation activities took place in April. For those of you who had not heard about it, don't worry the Over 50s Leisure Week is back, this time between September 19th and the 25th!

The week is organised by Kerrier & Penwith District Council, in conjunction with the West of Cornwall LEAP (Local Exercise Action Pilot) project. The activities take place right across West Cornwall, using sports clubs, leisure centres and other leisure providers such as golf clubs and the adult education service. All activities are fun, led by suitably qualified coaches and most importantly are FREE of charge.

The April week was enormously successful. There was a wide range of activities including bowls, walking, pilates, tai-chi, cycling, swimming, windsurfing, sailing plus many more. The week in September will include similar activities and will be a great chance to try something new, meet new people or just have some fun while being active.

If you think this may be your sort of thing, its easy to book:

Ring LEAP on 01209 313419 to register for a timetable which will be sent once it has been finalised.

The whole Over 50s Leisure Team would like to pay special thanks to all the sports clubs and leisure providers who have delivered activity sessions in April and those who are going to take part in September.


As this is the first time the Association have taken a space in the Parish Tram, it would seem a good time to tell you more about us.

The Portreath Harbour Association constitution and rules were adopted in January 1993.

The objective being to act in the interest of members as decreed by the membership.

To conserve Portreath as a working harbour and to promote good practice in harbour management in the interest of fishermen, boat enthusiasts, members of the association, and the public.

Any person who has interest in furthering the objectives of the association shall be eligible to apply in writing for membership. Meetings are open to all members, and are held on the first Friday of the month, at the Portreath Institute.

Officers- Chairman Doug Coates

Vice Chair Junior Walters

Treasurer Brian Mills

Secretary John Buckland

Committee Peter Goode, Keith Porter, Lawrence Hosken, & Winston May

We have over 70 members now, not all need moorings in the harbour, in fact 37 moorings have been allocated to date. Most boats being used for private fishing and pleasure.

You may have noticed that the boat yard area has been tidied up by the Harbour Association members and all discarded maintenance materials put in a skip and taken away. In the winter especially at weekends boat maintenance is at fever pitch, no more so than Jeanette a timber built boat of which I will feature in the next issue, along with any news regarding the Harbour.



Portreath Surf Life Saving Club

Eight members of the club travelled to Brisbane to take part in the Australian National Surf Life Saving Competition that was held at Kurrawa Beach on the Gold Coast from the 15th - 20th March 2005.

The 'Aussie Nationals' as this competition is colloquially known attracts in excess of 7300 entrants from all round Australia. It is the second biggest world-sporting event; the Olympics being the first.

Jenna Hawkey, Rachel Pascoe, Ryan Doble, Matt Bowden, David Green and Katy Whear were competitors. Rob Phillips the club's chairman was the Great Britain team manager and Penny Whear was the team masseuse and 'Girl Friday'.

These young athletes all performed exceptionally well and given that they were competing 'out of season' against the very best in Australia came up with superb results.
Ryan Doble got to the quarterfinals of the beach sprint in the men's open and Matt Bowden got to the semi finals in the Under 17 boy's beach sprint. Jenna Hawkey paddled her ski in a superb manner and got into the semi final of the under 19 ski race against some very strong and 'die hard' ski paddlers. Katy Whear ran very well despite a niggling hamstring injury and got into the finals of the open women's beach sprint, in which she attained 6th place overall.

The week after the Australian National competition the Portreath members representing Great Britain were competing again in The International Surf Challenge 2005. This was a five nation's challenge between the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Japan. The top athletes from these countries took part, some being Olympic and Commonwealth champions. Again, despite the incredibly hot weather and the fact that they were competing out of season (the competitors from the southern hemisphere were in their peak season) superb results like Rachel Pascoe finishing second in the ski behind the current world champion which boosted the overall aggregate and helped at beating the USA over the two-day test.

The final result was;

1 Australia
2 New Zealand
3 Great Britain
5 Japan

It is all down to the dedication to their sport and the serious training that the team put in that gave us such a fantastic result. They are a credit to their club and their country and surf life saving.

It is also thanks to the Portreath Improvements Committee for the grant of £1000 for easing the financial burden for these young athletes to be able to travel so far and perform so well.

Thank you

Portreath Surf Life Saving Club.



The cliff-top location is perfect, with panoramic views stretching from the headland beyond St Ives to Trevose Head, near Padstow.

Planning permission would never be granted for a house to be built there but a group of families have set up home beside the coastal footpath between Porthtowan and Portreath.

Their presence has brought complaints from local residents because, after several weeks, they are showing no sign of moving on.

A cluster of caravans, a bus and a converted lorry are parked on the site of old mine workings close to the edge of the near 300ft high cliffs.

One of the group, who declined to give his name, said this week: "Most people are friendly and say hello as they walk past."

He claimed that as it was so out of the way, with no houses within half a mile, they were causing no offence to anyone. "We will be off soon," he added.

The site almost straddles the boundary between Kerrier and Carrick districts but is in fact on land owned by Kerrier Council.

Graeme Hicks, Kerrier's portfolio holder for the environment, said: "It's a nightmare situation because we have nowhere else to put these people.

"I have been approached about this but it's not a planning enforcement issue because we own the land."

Mr Hicks said he understood the travellers had been served with notices to leave the site but the issue was complicated because the group includes a number of children.

A Porthtowan resident claimed: "Kerrier have done absolutely nothing to stop the site being used.

"I just think it's appalling that a group of travellers can be allowed to take over such a beautiful area, where thousands of pounds have been spent restoring the mine workings."

She added that the travellers came and went at will, without any attempt being made to prevent them returning to the site.