Saturday, April 22, 2006

Parish Tram Issue 12

Greenfield Gardens

The Parish Council's Regeneration Team has recently had considerable success with securing funding for Greenfield Gardens. Members submitted plans for a make over of the property and applied for funding from various sources resulting in £48,000 for a complete re modelling.

Ground work started in early February and is scheduled for completion in late March. The work is being carried out by R.H. Olds Amenity Landscapers of Roseworthy Camborne.

Planting of low maintenance ground cover and shrubs is being organised by Portreath Improvements Committee to be carried out on the 22nd April. Grass seeding will take place by the contractors as soon as the weather is suitable. The gardens should be ready for re- opening in late July.

Portreath Improvements Committee will be taking ownership by way of a 999 year lease. This will secure the Gardens for the village and ensure the maintenance of the property.

This project has been a village team effort, with the Parish Council, Regeneration Team and the Portreath Improvements Committee working together.

Funding for the project came from the Portreath Improvements Committee, Portreath Parish Council, Kerrier District Council and Objective One Rural Key Fund.


In my last article I referred to a project that I was working on and promised to give an update on it in this edition. By the time that you read this the project will have been featured in the local press so forgive me for any repetition. For an initial six month trial period I have arranged (with the considerable assistance of Rev Mike Kippax) to have the use of a police office within the village. The office is located at the entrance to St Mary's Church in Penberthy Road. It is my intention to use the office as a place to hold regular surgeries where I hope to meet local people and discuss any concerns that they may have. It will also be useful to use when necessary as a 'drop in' base when I am conducting enquiries or patrolling in the area.

I will only be able to use the office on an adhoc basis. I will therefore produce a notice which I intend to update regularly giving a definite time and date when I will next be in the office and available. I hope to be able to display the notice within the information board at the front of the church.

I would ask you to be mindful that it is NOT A POLICE STATION. It is not fitted with a computer and whilst there I will not have access to any of the other resources normally found within a station. If you are the unfortunate victim of a crime do not delay reporting it. Please use the reporting procedures that are already in place. The contact number to use to report a crime is 08452 777 444.

I hope that the office will prove to be a benefit to the community and will make the police more accessible. I guess that a measure of its success will be how often it is used. I'll try to be there on a regular basis so please keep an eye on the information board and come in for a chat!

A good example of what you might want to come and tell me about is the misuse of motorcycles. I am advised that there is a current problem within the village with what are now are commonly known as 'mini motos'. Apart from the size and the fact that a mini motos are often sold as a toys there really is no difference between a them and a normal motorcycle.

A mini moto must be used on private ground with the necessary permission of the landowner. If it is used on a road or other public place it must be registered, insured and taxed and the rider must hold the relevant licence.

The police have powers under certain circumstances to seize vehicles that are being used to cause annoyance. If mini motos continue to be used inappropriately within the village I will seek to seize them under these powers. If you have concerns about the way that these machines are being used please let me know. I will take action against those responsible.

On the other hand if you are the owner or rider of a mini moto please ensure that you use it in accordance with the law and with respect for those that live around you. I really would prefer not to have to seize your machine!!




An Officer of Cornwall County Council, Nigel Sumpter, has been appointed to take forward to completion the enhancement proposals for the Beach Front Car Park, Beach Road and The Square. This will be done as part of the overall Mineral Tramways Project and will (literally) be building on the local ideas and consultation results for this area.

The Car Park will be the first location for enhancement works mostly over the Autumn and Winter period starting later this year with works in Beach Road and The Square planned for the following Autumn/Winter. This will avoid all works taking place together. Ownership access and highway consultation and agreements are also less involved for the Car Park.

The appearance of the Car Park will be greatly improved as a modern high quality sea front location. Tenders have already been received for new stainless steel railings and the successful fabricator is local form P.R. Laffin Fabrications Limited of Pool.

The proposals for Beach Road and The Square will be progressed over the coming year and those potentially affected will be consulted with during the development of detailed proposals. The proposals will also be displayed locally later on this year for further final comment to help with finalising the designs.

The preferred route for the Portreath Branchline Trail is along the length of the Incline and continuing on the tramway to Illogan. Preparatory work to treat the knotweed at the bottom of the main structure and vegetation clearance within the lower section has already started as the legal process to confirm the route a public bridleway gets underway beginning with an application to the Secretary of State to post site notices publishing the Trail proposals. All the necessary consents have been obtained to treat the Listed section following confirmation of the public right of way, safe guarding public access to this locally important heritage structure

All involved are committed to ensuring that the proposals respond to local wishes and will retain and enhance the character of Portreath.

Nigel Sumpter


Incline Project

The Church/Community Incline Project meet approximately every 6-8 weeks. Very soon leaflets and flyers will be around the village promoting the work of Incline so do look out for them.

Incline continues to support the Wednesday Table Tennis Club in the Church Hall on Wednesdays 7.00-9.30, very soon we hope to have secured a second table for this growing group. The Bellydance Group meet alternate Thursdays in the same hall but starting at 7.30 until 9.00.

Once the dancing stops, on a monthly basis the group meet for a Book Club and have so far enjoyed Junk by Melvin Burgess (highly recommended), with Snow Falling On Cedars by David Guterson being the current read. The Bellydance and the Book Club are currently full but if you do want to know more, and also to help us to assess demand, do phone Terry on 01209 843181.

Mish Mash for the children has stopped after running for 18 months, but after Easter it is hoped, subject to funding, to start Mish Mash Family Mornings...time for parents, carers to join the Mish Mash children for exciting and creative activities.

In addition, CHIC continues in the Church Hall on Wednesday mornings 10-12.00, with the Veg Box scheme, books to loan and with the friendly faces of Yvonne, Avril and helpers to welcome you.

We also support the Carers Group who have recently enjoyed a stay in a Devon Hotel and an evening of bowling. Do phone Janet on 842658 or Cath on 842797 if you are a local carer and want to know more.

There is lots more to say and much on the horizon so do please look out for the information leaflets soon to be in the post office, church and school. The leaflets will contain contact numbers but until then, phone Mike on 01209 842233, Chris on 843873 or Terry on 843181 if you want to know when we next meet, if you have a community idea or want to know more.

Terry Reynard 843181


Illegal immigrants

Two illegal immigrants and a "poisonous" gang have set up home in a Cornish college. But immigration services and the police will not be getting involved - they are two exotic lizards who found their way here hidden in transported goods, and a group of poison arrow frogs which are part of a breeding programme.

Duchy College's animal care unit at Feadon Farm, near Portreath, has welcomed the frogs, brown Anoles lizard and Peloponnese wall lizard, which will be used to help train students on its animal care courses.

Though the frogs, scientific names dendrobates tinctorus and dendrobates ventrimaculatus, sound dangerous, staff at the college have reassured people they are not.

Animal care technician, Gary Zammit, said: "These frogs will be only mildly poisonous as they lose their toxicity when bred in captivity; frogs in the wild get their poison from their food."

The brown Anoles, whose natural habitat is the Caribbean and southern USA, was found last year in a supermarket delivery of bananas and brought to Duchy College by the RSPCA. The female lizard has already mated with a lizard already at the college, resulting in two eggs which have successfully hatched.

The Peloponnese wall lizard was also brought in by the RSPCA, after being found in the clothing section of a local garden centre. It is a fully grown adult male, which is usually found in southern Greece, and is the first the College has had.

West Briton
boat.jpg with this


It will soon be time for the boats to go back in the water. This year there will be more licensed working boats than for some time, representing a large personal investment by our Portreath fishermen, all of whom will welcome the chance to supply fresh fish, and shellfish, privately, or to businesses. All you have to do is ask. There are also some boats for sale if you fancy the D.I.Y. approach.

Although the harbour activity all but stops for boat owners during the winter, it becomes very popular for anglers of all ages, some more serious and better equipped, but all seem to enjoy and come back for more.

Nigel Sillence

Harbour Consultation Report

On Saturday 28th January the residents of Portreath turned out in force to support the Parish Council's efforts to enable the community to possibly own and run the harbour.

The turn out for the event was very good with 250 plus attending. This is at least 25% of the village population and better than the last general election.

The information was presented by a set of 12 display boards depicting the history of Portreath and some ideas of what the future could bring, a collection of black and white photographs of the harbour in it's working days, a PowerPoint presentation of proposed layout and leisure facilities and a centre table display for the public to put their ideas forward. Survey forms and attendance records were also used.

The general feeling of those who attended was to see the harbour improve and be better used, with an increase in facilities for both the fishing industry and leisure craft. There was a great deal of support to install lock gates and extend the pier and also to open the pier to the public.

There was concern about the nature of development around the harbour in the past and a suggestion that future development be in a more architecturally sensitive style.

A great deal of information was collected with the overwhelming majority in support of taking the project to the next stage which is to commission the feasibility study.

The day was a very good team effort. Organisation and manning the hall by the Parish Council's Regeneration Committee and Kerrier District Council supplying the information boards and power point equipment. Thanks also to Kerrier Regeneration team at Cowlings Mill for all their help and support.

Chris Watts



Major regeneration work at Portreath Harbour has come a step closer with the news that a multi million pound bid to the Lottery has made it through the first assessment stage. Cornwall County Council, acting on behalf of the Cornish Harbours Project, has applied for £25 million towards the cost of a five-year project that would see extensive improvements carried out at Portreath, Falmouth, Newlyn, Newquay and Looe.

The aim is to bring disused or run down harbour infrastructure and neighbouring waterfront locations back into use for the benefit of communities.

At Portreath Parish Council's March meeting, the Chairman, Chris Watts, announced he had received a letter saying the bid had successfully moved on to the next assessment phase.

He said: "We are through the first of many stages. I am delighted our grant application has been accepted but very aware there is a long process to go through and we do have a lot of competition for the grant.

Living Landmarks anticipate contacting us by April 13 to confirm whether or not the harbour project has been long listed for a project review visit."

If successful, the Cornish Harbours project would run from 2007-12. Portreath would be regenerated and brought in to community ownership.

Julian Ridge
brownies.jpg with this


The Brownies continue to go from strength to strength and on Sunday the 19th March, they won through to the final of the Halford Trophy. This is a three yearly competition between all the Brownies in Cornwall, and the Portreath Brownies will now represent the Kerrier Division in June. They have really enjoyed the competition and were so excited when the results were announced in reverse order , starting with the fifth place. As the positions were being called out and Portreath's name was not being announced they got more and more excited and at last the Brownies from Camborne were called out as coming 2nd, meaning we were first, they were jumping up and down with pleasure ! They have been presented with the Halford Trophy Cup for the Kerrier Division Round 1st Place position and the Brownies will take it in turns to take it home and look after it. So very well done !!

We've been up to all sorts, ranging from having visitors to teaching us about first aid, birds and wild life, to having a visitor who is deaf and who taught them to sign their names - she's due to visit again soon with her specially trained dog. The Brownies have also been looking at the world we live in and serious issues such as endangered species and then considering the food we eat and where it comes from – chocolate was the first product on the map. And we are also lucky to have other visitors come along occasionally to help us make cards etc., some of which were made for Harbour House last Christmas and a small group of Brownies went along to sing some of their favourite carols.

Getting ready for the Harry Potter day was one of the funniest things I've seen because in readiness for the day, as well as having to make fantastically decorated black card wizard hats, one the Unit Helpers thought drop down black card glasses would be a winner (I'm considering making up a calendar with some of most successful photos and this would definitely be included!)

We're looking forward to accepting our invitation from the 1st Redruth Guides to join them in a Bollywood Dance Night, with a professional teacher showing us Indian dancing. All the funds raised that evening are going towards the Pakistan Disaster Appeal, so there's a serious side to the fun as well.

Having given you a summary of some of the things we've been doing and hopefully demonstrating that working with the children is a lot of fun, I would also like to take this opportunity of asking if there is anyone out there who would like to come along to help at any time ? – this could be on a weekly basis or on a rota, or perhaps as a "one-off" as you may have a special skill that the children would enjoy learning about .

As a charitable organisation run totally by volunteers, its always helpful to spread the "work", but when the work involves playing games, going on visits like the pantomime or Newquay Aquarium, to helping the girls with any interest badges which cover a wide range of activities, including art, circus performer, computers, science investigator, water safety (there are over 50 interest badges !) it is really enjoyable, especially when we can also enable them as a Brownie group to take part in activities they wouldn't normally be involved with, such as the Halford Trophy, or raising money for children with leukaemia, all of which gives them such a sense of achievement as well as enjoying themselves.

We're planning to run some games / or a stall at the Portreath Fun Day in August to raise some funds, so we would very much appreciate seeing you there and in the meantime, if anyone would like to contact me, my telephone number is 01209 843873.

Finally, please wish us luck for the final of the Halford Trophy in June !

Shena Watts

Unit Guider for the 1st Portreath Brownies


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Designated Public Place Order

Due to last year's outstanding success of the village's Dispersal Order, Portreath Parish Council has applied for a Designated Public Place Order.

Last summer the anti social behaviour dropped to almost nil due to the Dispersal Order which gave Police the power to disperse any groups causing a nuisance. This was extremely good news to all who use Portreath for leisure and pleasure and of course even better news for all of us who live here.

To make this anti social behaviour order permanent the Parish Council have to apply for a Designated Public Place Order. The next paragraph outlines the order.

DPPOs are orders made by local authorities under powers given to them under section 13 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001. These powers make it easier for local authorities to designate places where restrictions on public drinking will apply and are available in areas that have experienced alcohol-related disorder or nuisance.

While it is not an offence to consume alcohol within a 'designated' area, the police, police community support officers and people accredited through a community safety accreditation scheme have powers to control the consumption of alcohol within that place. If they believe someone is consuming alcohol or intends to consume alcohol they can:

* require them to stop; and
* Confiscate the alcohol from people whether the drinking vessel is unopened or not.

Our Neighbourhood beat manager Constable T. Roberts has collated evidence of drink related offences over the past three years and has presented these to Kerrier District Council's Solicitor, who needs more evidence from local people and organisations to justify applying for the order.

Most local businesses have already written to support the Council in its efforts to secure the Order and now it is hoped residents will write in also. Kerrier District Council needs accounts of specific drink related incidents. Please write giving your support together with details of any incidents which need not necessarily include the specific date of the event - month and year would be sufficient. Please write to:

Parish Clerk



Redruth, Cornwall TR16 4HS

Please help your local Council to acquire this valuable tool and stop anti social behavior in our village.

Chris Watts

Parish Council Chairman.

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Creative Crafts
Craft workshops held in your area for adults and children
Card making,jewellery,scrapbooking, felt making silk painting and more!
Reasonable prices

The Arty Party
Childrens birthday parties with a difference.
Craft parties to suit children from the age of 4 and up.
prices start at £3.50 per child and they get to keep what they make
Get your kids to ask for an Arty Party

Call Laura for more info on 01209 713664 / 07816128562
Also ring me for details of my range in Wedding Stationery.


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Carers Group

Sixteen people from the Portreath Carers Group recently spent three days at the Manor House Hotel near Oakhampton. This was a time of refreshment and rest and provided the chance to enjoy favourite hobbies and to try new ones too.

The activities programme included Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Bowls and Crafts (e,g. Jewellery Making, Pottery. Silk Painting, Enamelling) and numerous other fun and relaxing activities too numerous to mention. Amongst the favourites were Salsa Dancing, Archery, Shooting and Golf with the massage and pamper sessions, walking the moors and horse riding all adding to the enjoyment.

This was a great weekend amongst friends, eating together and enjoying quiet chats as well as plenty of activity 'as and when' people wanted pressure just time to unwind and relax away from the many daily demands back home. Do phone Janet or Cath if you want to know more about the Portreath Carers Group Janet: 842658 Cath: 842797.



WHERE? Portreath Millennium Hall, Portreath.

WHEN? Thursday evening 6.00pm to 7.30pm and 7.45pm to 9.15pm.



Cost £ 4.00 per session

Telephone Nick on 01209 610515 or 07968 310097 for more details.


Fully insured.

Portreath Surf Life Saving Club

All the results for the World Life Saving Champs are now on the Rescue 2006 website.

Katy Whear won a silver medal in the 100m sprint

The girls team won silver in the beach relay.

For most of the other events the GB competitors finished in the top 10 places, so overall the team was 10th and placed 6th in the beach/ocean events which was very good as we are out of season.

Diane Green
Membership Secretary


A beauty spot was left blanketed with an assortment of debris, litter and junk following the eviction of a travelling community who occupied the site for several months.

The group had moved last spring onto former mine workings between Porthtowan and Portreath on the world-famous South West coastal footpath. After months of behind-the-scenes work Kerrier District Council took out a court order to have the 13-strong group evicted, though one family remained when officials arrived on site on February 3.

Villagers and community leaders were horrified by the amount and variety of rubbish left behind by the travellers at a spot which is popular with walkers and holidaymakers.

"It makes St Day tip look like Buckingham Palace lawn. It's a pretty sad site," said John Beckinsale, a long-term resident of Porthtowan.

Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Press photographer and Portreath residnt Colin Higgs, was stunned by what he saw. "It took my breath away. It's absolutely disgusting," he said. "Everything you can think of is on the ground - tables, bits of caravans, endless fires, children's toys, mobile phones, hundreds of gas bottles. There is an incredible amount of filth."

County councillor Richard Cooper said: "I'm not anti-traveller, all I'm anti is the mess being left behind, and we have to tackle the problem.

"Ultimately it's the public who will have to pay because it's the local authority that will have to move it."

A team from Kerrier's Direct Services was on site with a digger and clearing equipment this week having already secured the area by fitting a new gate on an approach road. A spokesman said they aimed to have carried out a full clean-up operation by the weekend.

Liz Dunstan, chief solicitor for Kerrier, sympathised with villagers who had put up with their sometimes unwanted neighbours for so long. But she stressed the onus was on the council to do everything above board.

"You have to do it professionally and correctly, taking account of everybody's situation otherwise we would still be open to challenge and we could still be in this position in a year's time."

Assessments were made of the families and of the site itself before the court could evict.

"It was on the coastal footpath, it was very exposed and it was very dangerous," said Mrs Dunstan. "We never tolerated the site and we never said it was suitable."

Even though the travellers had left so much rubbish, she said the council would never have agreed to weekly removals as this would have legitimised their presence.

The travellers were believed to beheading to a site out of Cornwall.

However, this may not be the end of problems with the travelling community. Mrs Dunstan warned that new Government legislation placed the responsibility on local authorities to find sites for travelling families.
Joe Dyer, West Briton
Lee Hodge, 20, from Portreath

Dressed in their chef's whites, these youngsters are in training to become the best in the business.

The young men and women, all from Cornwall, are being trained to work at Jamie Oliver's new Fifteen restaurant in Watergate Bay, Newquay.

The 20 students have already been working hard to hone their culinary skills. And in just a few short months, they will work at Fifteen Cornwall when it opens in May. It is the first of Jamie Oliver's 15 restaurants to be unveiled outside London.

The chef, well-known for his crusade to improve school dinners, opened the first Fifteen restaurant in 2002. Based in Hoxton, it was inspired by the television chef's desire to help underprivileged young people forge themselves a successful career. Fifteen Cornwall will follow the same format.

Trainee Lee Hodge, 20, from Portreath on the North Cornwall coast, described the training as a "golden opportunity to succeed in life".

He said: "I'm so thankful that I've been given this opportunity and I'm really going to work hard to achieve the best possible outcome I can and make my friends and family proud. You only get one life and you've got to take every opportunity."

Selected from more than 300 applicants, the 20 trainees were among a shortlist of 150 who faced interviews and selection exercises before taken on in late December. Aged between 16 and 24, they have been recruited from all over Cornwall and are currently undergoing a 12-week intensive training course at Cornwall College before they start work in the Fifteen Cornwall kitchen at the end of April.

West Briton