Wednesday, June 28, 2006


09:30 - 18 May 2006
Virtually all the town centres of Camborne, Redruth and Helston could become "no go" areas for anti-social drinking and behaviour.

At its meeting last night, Kerrier Council considered a report on the making of "Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs)" under the Criminal Justice and Police Act.

If approved, these will give police power to stop people drinking anything which they think may be alcoholic, or surrender any container which they believe may contain alcohol.

The local authority - in this case Kerrier - has power to make a designation order when it is satisfied that nuisance to the public has been associated with the drinking of alcohol in any given location.

It will not, however, be an offence to drink alcohol in those specific places until a police officer requests a person to stop drinking, at which point it becomes an arrestable offence.

The council was told that the order "is a measure to help control anti-social drinking and related behaviour by adults".

The discussion is particularly timely as police were concerned about the amount of drinking in public places throughout the day at Helston Flora nearly a fortnight ago.

With 11 arrests and numerous reported incidents of violence and drink-related crime, police are now looking at preventing drinking in specific public places in and around the town in future years.

Two areas of the district already have DPPOs imposed - Illogan and Porthleven. Kerrier now wants to replace existing Alcohol Zone bye-laws with these DPPOs.

This will have to be done before the end of August since that is the date when the current bye-laws expire.

Police have already been consulted by Kerrier, and have identified areas which an order should cover; they must be places which are associated with trouble and any new powers should not be used "disproportionately or in an arbitrary fashion which could be the case if one isolated incident led to a designation order".

"Clearly," said Kerrier, "there should be evidence of an existing problem with an assessment as to the likelihood that the problem will continue unless those powers are adopted.

"Against this background, it is possible that a single, serious incident might be sufficient to justify adoption of the powers."

The designated areas, if approved, will be: Camborne - Recreation Ground, College Street from junction with Weeth Lane to Wellington Road, Rectory Road from junction with Manor Road to Church Street, Church Street, Wellington Road, Commercial Street, Commercial Square, Basset Road from junction with Basset Street to Church Street, Trevithick Road, Church Lane, Victoria Street, Union Street, Trelowarren Street, Gas Street, Chapel Street, Gurneys Lane, Gurneys Mews, Rosewarne Road and Car Park, Vyvyan Row, Vyvyan Street, North Road, The Cross, New Connexion Street, Fore Street, Cross Street, Hoopers Lane, The Spinney, Camborne Churchyard and Cemetery.

Redruth - Harmony Close, West End from junction with Coach Lane to Fore Street, Coach Lane, Chapel Street, Little Vauxhall, Plain-an-Gwarry, Close Hill, Tolgus Hill from junction with Little Vauxhall, North Street, Green Lane, Fore Street, Higher Fore Street, East End from Higher Fore Street to junction with School Lane, School Lane, Victoria Park, Alma Place, Back Lane West, Cross Street, Station Hill, Station Road, Falmouth Road, Church Lane, Treruffe Hill, Bond Street, Penryn Street, Gas Lane, Lemins Court, Clinton Passage.

Portreath - The Harbour, Kingsley Terrace, The Pier, The Novelty Golf Course and adjacent area of sand, Seafront Car Park and Promenade

Car Park in front of the Waterfront Inn, area adjacent to and surrounding the Rescue Post, the surf life saving club and Speranza, Beach Road between Tregea Hill and the junction with Chynance.


09:00 - 22 June 2006
It was a chance for thrill-seekers to open the throttle and push their machines to the limit - with not a single traffic police officer in sight. Some 200 motorcycle and car enthusiasts descended on RAF Portreath over the weekend to roar down its runway during the traditional Run What You Brung festival of speed.

Watched by big crowds, many of the adrenaline junkies topped 150mph while one dragster nudged 200mph, the fastest time at the event.

"It was fantastic - the exhilaration, the smells, the speeds - it was just like being a kid again," said the Rev Mike Firbank, a curate at Illogan, Portreath and Pool who enjoyed the racing with his wife, Kathryn, and their family.

Sitting astride a 1,450cc Suzuki dragster, Keith Bowden, formerly of Helston and now living at Plymouth, clocked 154mph during a series of runs on Sunday.

"It's like riding an exocet missile with a feeling of, please let me get to the end," he said. "I starting drag racing in the 1960s when we used to go to Santa Pod. It's fantastic to have this opportunity to do the same thing at RAF Portreath."

His brother, Phil, who reached 148mph on his Suzuki GSX R1000cc, agreed. "The buzz is the speed and the great atmosphere that is always generated here," he said.

Dominic Gallagher, also from Helston, summed up the appeal of the event after tearing down the runway at 160mph on his Honda CBR 600cc: "It's a complete feeling of freedom and adrenaline."

The two-day spectacular, organised by the Celtic Marauders motorcycle club, attracted drivers and riders from all over Cornwall and further afield, including a 10-strong group of bikers from Surrey.

Club spokeswoman Glynis Barrington-Smith said the twice-yearly event continued to grow in popularity and added: "There's nowhere else in Cornwall where bikers can go and make these runs in such a safe environment."

She thanked all those who had helped the event run smoothly, including personnel from RAF Portreath.

Adam Smith, the base's liaison officer who took charge of his ninth Run What You Brung, said: "This is a unique occasion which has exceeded a lot of expectations. People who come here want to have a good time and that makes a real difference. The grins on their faces make it all worthwhile."

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Theft at Bridge

Police were this week searching for burglars who broke into the Bridge pumping station, near Portreath, and stole tools.

The intruders also stole a set of keys from the compound to gain entry to a secure storage container.

The break-in happened between 3.30pm on May 26 and 7.30am on May 30.

Elsewhere, police were seeking a man who kicked a green Ford Focus, damaging the car, before he fled the scene of the attack at Barripper, near Camborne. The incident happened between 9pm and 9.30pm on May 24.